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Where is GSAT & GPINOY available?

GSAT & GPINOY is available nationwide. It is an alternative source of international entertainment and information in areas beyond the reach of cable television.

You may purchase the GSAT & GPINOY box in any of our authorized dealers near you.

How to use GSAT & GPINOY box?

Receiver boxes need to be activated through satellite signal to start the legal subscription and to get the 1 month free load. Your subscription starts the same day of activation. Only the dealer has the authorization to send an activation request to GSAT Office. Contact your dealer/installer for the initial activation of your GSAT/GPINOY box.

What are the requirements for the initial activation?

You must submit the following information to your dealer or installer to activate your unit.

- Name
- Address
- Contact Number
- Email Address
- Box Number
- Smartcard Number

What is the warranty period of my GSAT & GPINOY box?

GSAT HD box has a 1 year warranty from the date of activation.
GPINOY box has 6 months warranty from the date of activation.

Warranty excludes the following:
- Satellite dish and accessories
- Remote control
- Battery of remote control
- Adapter

Warranty does not cover the following:
- Failure of the box from abuse, misuse, or use for other than intended purpose.
- Damage to the box caused by accidents, fires, floods, or acts of God.

Where do I find my actual box number/smartcard number?

On your remote, press the " INFO " button.

How to check the validity of my subscription?

On your remote, press the " INFO " button twice.

How to find a GSAT dealer near me?

Here's how to find a GSAT dealer near you! - On the website menu bar, click "Authorized Dealers" and select the area and city to easily locate a GSAT dealer.

Where do I buy GSAT & GPINOY load?

- GSAT & GPINOY CARDS are available nationwide.
- You may purchase a prepaid card in any of our authorized dealers near you.

- Cebuana Lhuiller
- Load Central
- ULoad Machine
- GCASH Pay Bills
- PayMaya

- Go to the nearest BDO branch.
- Fill up the deposit slip.
- After payment, email or fax the deposit slip with your smartcard number or box number, complete name, contact number, and the preferred package(s).
- Email Address: support@gsat.asia
- FAX Number: (02) 8844-3705

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 145-002207-1

How to reload my GSAT & GPINOY box?

For GSAT Subscribers:

On your cellular phone, type:

Example: GSAT 018720123456 12345678910112

Send to:
4681 4769 - For SMART Users *P1.00 cost per transaction (regular load).
0919 160 4728 - FOr NON-SMART Users *P1.00 cost per transaction (regular load).

The box will be activated within five(5) minutes.
Please ensure that your box is turned on.

For GPINOY Subscribers:

On your cellular phone, type:

Example: GPINOY 7740537123456425 1234567891111111

Send to:
4681 4769 - For SMART Users *P1.00 cost per transaction (regular load).
0919 160 4728 - FOr NON-SMART Users *P1.00 cost per transaction (regular load).

The box will be activated within five(5) minutes.
Please ensure that your box is turned on.

Can I retreive the load I accidentally topped up to a wrong box number?

No. Once load has been sent and received, the transaction is final. Load cards are non-transferable, non-replaceable, and non-refundable.

Can I load GPINOY 99 to my GSAT HD box?

No, because the standard prepaid load of GSAT HD are 200, 300, and 500.

Can I load GSAT 200, 300 and 500 to my GPINOY box?

No, because the standard prepaid load of GPINOY box is only 99 pesos. Any denomination of GSAT prepaid cards will not be registered to a GPINOY box.

Is multiple subscription allowed?

Multiple subscription is allowed, but same denomination.

If the denomination you wish to reload is different from your existing load, please wait for it to expire before re-loading.

Can I change my load to a higher package?

Load upgrade is allowed, but upgrading your load to a higher package while enrolled in a lower package will have to forfeit the remaining days of your existing load.

How to load via Facebook Messenger?

Step 1: Buksan ang Facebook App at bisitahin ang GSAT Page (Global Satellite) . Siguraduhin na may blue check ang page para matukoy na ito ang OFFICIAL GSAT FB page.

Step 2: I-follow at i-like ang Official FB page.

Step 3: Pindutin ang messenger button.

Step 4: Pumili ng nais gawin at sundin lang ang instructions na ibibigay.

Step 5: Para bumalik sa menu, pindutin lang ang tatlong guhit sa pahalang sa ibaba sa kanan.

Para makapag-load ng GSAT o GPINOY box
Sa Messenger, i-type ang:

Halimbawa: 025102222222 5555555555555555

Paalala: Siguraduhin na tama ang iyong box number at security code. Kapag ito ay naiload na hindi na maaaring mabawi, maibalik o matransfer ang load na naipasok.

Para makapag-check ng GSAT o GPINOY subscription status
Sa messenger, i-type lang ang iyong BOX NUMBER.

Halimbawa: 025102222222

Kung ikaw ay may ibang concern, piliin lamang ang TALK TO AGENT.

No signal when it rains?

Due to the nature of technology, all satellite dishes are affected by the weather and the signal does drop out when it rains. Signal will restore once the weather eases. If your signal is dropping out when it's not raining or during only light showers, then your dish may need re-aligning.

Can I transfer my smartcard into any other decoder?

No, the smartcard is paired to your set top box. Do not transfer it to others or do not insert it into any other decoder.

How to insert the smartcard?

Put the smartcard into your decoder in arrow direction with the chip facing down.

*Do not remove the smartcard from time to time as you may damage the gold chip.

I will transferring to my new home location. Will the signal still be okay?

Yes, as long as the connection of your unit is okay and the dish signal is at its peak. Charges will be shouldered by the subscriber upon request for re-installation.

What if I want to install the unit myself, will that be fine?

Yes, you may. Installation guidelines will also be available upon purchasing the unit, but it's not advisable.

What do I do if my unit is lost or stolen?

Call your dealer/agent immediately to DEACTIVATE your lost or stolen unit. This will help prevent someone from using it. In the event that you can't find your unit, you can purchase a new unit from your dealer.

What to do when your TV says "E05 Unknown Smartcard / E16 Smartcard Failure"?

Reset the unit. On your remote press:

- INPUT 0000

If it's still not working, please contact your dealer or agent for further assistance.

What to do when your TV says "E14 No Authorization" or "No Access"?

The E14 No Authorization & No Access error will only appear if your box is not activated or the subscription has expired.

If your box is newly installed, you need to activate your unit to get the 1 month free subscription. You must contact your dealer to activate your unit.

If your load has expired, you have to re-load your unit. Prepaid cards are available to your dealer.

What to do when your TV says "No Signal"?

Make sure all cables are connected securely at the back of the TV and receiver. If any other equipment is connected between the TV and receiver, ensure these connections are secured as well.

Change your TV input. On your original TV remote, locate the INPUT button (may also be labeled SOURCE ). Press the INPUT or SOURCE button.

- If you are using the HDMI cable, choose HDMI1 or HDMI2 input.
- If you are using the RCA cable, choose the AV input.

How to refresh my unit via SMS?

Text Format:


REFRESH 7740537000123456
REFRESH 7740537100123456
REFRESH 02500123456 (11-DIGITS ONLY)
REFRESH 01800123456 (11-DIGITS ONLY)

Send to:

09191604728 (NON-SMART USER)
46814769 (SMART USER)

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.